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Selling Ain’t Rocket Science – It’s Real Simple

Customer shaking hands with sales person. Selling is simple.

Selling ain’t rocket science. Selling is simple, real simple.

Coaching and working with sales leaders and salespeople today, I’m constantly amazed at how complex we’ve made selling. It seems to me we’ve clouded what selling really is, overwhelming it with technology … even if some technology is convenient and useful.

The danger in too much technology is that we get confused, frustrated and become data miners, process managers and social media gurus. We forget we are sales people and sales leaders. We minimize what really produces results: interactions with people who make buying decisions.

So here’s my Selling is Simple Checklist to get back to what selling really is:

  1. Qualify the needs of your potential buyer.
  2. Present your solution for those needs.
  3. Close the deal … or gain a commitment so you can close it later.
  4. Build an ongoing relationship for future deals.
  5. Repeat.

And that’s all there is to it.

Rocket science? I don’t think so.


CTA with "How to Close More Deals the Simple Way"