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Sell More with Customer Focus: Respond to Customers

Last time, we talked about making our customers feel important to stay customer focused. That’s key to selling more, but not always enough. We also need to respond to customers’ needs and demands.

Crossword puzzle with customer needs.

Customers’ needs?

Our task is to identify the individual needs of each customer and not to make assumptions ahead of time. We know customers have both personal needs and needs that relate to what we’re selling. We know needs will vary from one customer to another.

Identifying needs becomes part of our discovery process. We uncover needs by getting our customers to supply us with information. The quality of the information improves dramatically based on our ability to engage our customers,  question them effectively and [infopopup:listenactively].

Identifying customer needs is just part of responding positively to our customers. We need to respond to their demands as well.

Customer demands?

The Internet with its volume of information and competitive data means our customers come to us with more information and knowledge about the products and services they’re looking for. And they’re using this knowledge to their advantage when negotiating and making the decision to buy.

So how does all this relate to selling more?

It means we need a whole new level of customer focus if we want to sell more. The more focused we are on really getting to know our customers and becoming their trusted advisers, the better we can meet their needs and demands.

The result is simple. When we develop this whole new level of customer focus, our customers will look to us – and not our competitors – for what they need.

Next time, we’ll look at how we combine our customer focused approach with the right customer focused actions to sell more.

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