What's Go For The Green Selling Challenge?

Learn How to Sell More and Have Fun

Go for the Green Selling Challenge gives you everything you need to sell more. It’s your online sales skills booster.

You play virtual golf on your laptop or desktop to learn and test 9 key sales skills in a fun new way.

You apply your skills in the real world to sell more.

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How It Works

You learn how to sell more in 3 steps:

#1 Practice

You learn sales skills compared to golf skills.

#2 Play

You test sales skills answering quizzes in a virtual golf game.

#3 Apply

You apply sales skills in the real world with:

Deal Maker plans your sales interaction

• Skill Checker rates your skills anytime

• Skill Advisor gets you email help to boost your skills

Team Leaders

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Awesome product. It’s captivating, pleasing, entertaining, and made good use of my time to refresh myself on my selling basics … found myself wanting more.
Dan Buckles, ‎Owner, Focus on Innovation, Inc.

As an executive who works with sales teams, I immediately saw the impact Go For The Green Selling Challenge will have on results. While presented in a fun way with the golf theme, the underlying concepts and reinforcement tools like Skill Checker and Deal Maker reflect the principals’ depth of experience in the sales process. I recommend Go For the Green Selling Challenge as a new and unique way to boost one’s sales skills. Check it out!
Darrin Ullerick, Chief Financial Officer Exceptional Innovation

Go for the Green Selling Challenge is an innovative, fun and practical business tool from one of the best selling skills development companies in the business. it features dynamic golf themed content based on the most effective sales training program I have ever seen. I really like the way it ‘links’ the game of golf with strategic selling. If you’re in sales, you need Go for the Green Selling Challenge, especially if you like golf. Highly recommended!
Neil Connolly, Sales Trainer at Canon Canada

I love all the analogies. This is an interesting and unique approach to selling… that can be used for any industry. I have been in sales for many years and I can see this being a part of a training session or as a standalone work assignment for all sales professionals.
Shawn Lally, Founder of Golf Outing Pro Inc.

I am pleased to recommend Go for the Green Selling Challenge. This unique way of associating selling skills to the game of Golf is refreshing. It kind of became more meaningful and allowed my team to recall the skills (they knew and learned) more rapidly.
Max Kirschner, Consultant & District Manager CFIB (Canadian Federation of Independent Business)

As a PGA Pro, can now really see how sales and golf work together. Practice and Play gives me a chance to have fun while I learn. It made me aware of where I am with my selling and how I can get better and sell more.
Andrew Lask, PGA Pro and Financial Advisor at Morgan Stanley

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