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Close More Deals with a Customer Focused Sell Alphabet


Sell Alphabet: Salesperson enjoying interacting with customer

To close more deals, I’ve developed a Sell Alphabet. It’s a reminder to stay customer focused in every selling situation.

My Sell Alphabet is based on the 7 letters in “people”. It highlights my core beliefs about selling and selling people.

Capital Letter P

P comes first because people and selling people is the key. Selling people first, integrated with your sales process, drives sales and closes deals … every time.

Capital Letter E

Engage your prospects and customers on their terms. They’ve usually done their own research by the time they get to you. Use that to engage them through questioning so you can start where they are. Once you’ve discovered what they’ve learned and what they’re after, you can:

Capital Letter O

Opportunity. Selling people first is your opportunity to get to know your customers on a human level so you can build positive relationships with them. When you understand your customers personally, you gain  their trust. Once they trust you, they become much more willing to make a positive buying decision.

Capital Letter P

Personal sales skills. The more highly developed yours are, the greater your selling success. Work to improve them every day. With solid personal sales skills, you avoid becoming a “data miner” focused only on numbers. Keeping the personal touch gets you deals … and makes all your selling activity even more rewarding.

Capital Letter L

Learning. Every day is a learning day in selling. Make learning one of your top priorities. There’s lots to learn …

Best of all, learning more and more about selling, your market and your customers, helps you refine and improve your personal sales process. With an improved sales process, you’ll close more deals.

Capital Letter E

Expertise, the natural outcome of Learning, begins with mastering your personal selling skills. Applying them with a customer focused strategy and sales process leads to your personal sales success … and helps you get more deals faster.

So what Sell Alphabet are you using to close more deals?

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