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Sell More with Customer Focus: Make Your Customer Feel Important

Happy Customer wearing a crown.

Finding common areas of interest is one way we discussed to keep our selling approach customer focused. Another is making our customers feel important.

Like all of us, our customers want to feel important. Making them feel important means showing them what they say and do is important to us.

We know how to do this…

Doing all this shows our customers they can trust us and what we’re selling…and building trust is key.

Our customers need still more from us.

People are Important

They want:


So, creating customer focus in our selling approach by making our customers feel important comes down to:

And the take away from doing all this?

We automatically get – and keep – more customers, increasing our ability to sell more.

Our next look at selling  more with customer focus  deals with customer demands and expectations in a world of rapid change.

Until then,

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