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Wanna Sell More? Put People First!

We’re all looking for ways to sell more. Here’s my solution: put people first!

Sell People First: Saleswoman laughing with couple

So why is the people factor so important if we want to sell more?

Well, when we sell people first, selling can be a whole lot more fun so we’ll sell more.

When we focus on people, we make our selling task easier and more efficient so we’ll sell more.

If we develop this “people first” approach, we build relationships and common ground for doing business now and over time. Result? We sell more!

So how do we make sure we’re putting people first so we will sell more? Try this …

Sales woman thinking like a buyer to sell moreSwitch roles mentally and start thinking like buyers.

When we’re buyers and we’re looking for products or services important to us, don’t we want sales people who first get to know us and engage us as people? Who find out what we want or need; then, provide it … instead of focusing only on what they want to sell us?

When we switch roles, it becomes easy to see our buyers as people just like us … and that puts selling people first. Best of all, when we do, we’ll sell better – and a whole lot more.

Let me know how this works for you!

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