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Christmas Connecting

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It’s the holiday season. It’s the time of year when we look forward to celebrating the season and connecting with family, friends and all those who are important to us. Strangely, we seem to pack all this connecting activity into a 3 or 4 week period…then, put it all away until the same time next year.

As I skimmed through the endless emails in my inbox, I got to thinking that too often our business and supplier relationships seem to follow the same pattern. We flood our networks with emails, special offers, warm wishes, seasonal jokes or heart warming stories in December…then abruptly stop when the new year begins.


What if we changed our way of thinking and operating to embrace a “full year concept” of reaching out, connecting and relationship building in both our personal and business networks?

Delighted customer reading personal message on laptop. I don’t mean using LinkedIn updates, Facebook posts or any other social media automated connection tools.

I mean real live, personal, individualized reaching out…writing a personal note or email, making a phone call, forwarding an interesting article to someone who could use it, commenting on events in the contact’s business or personal life…some kind of personalized, one-on-one reach out.

Strikes me the tangible and intangible benefits to adopting this full year concept are gifts that keep on giving. Ongoing personalized activity with those in our networks creates more meaningful connections, and builds mutual satisfaction and enjoyment. Even better, it creates trust, the key to relationship building…and selling success.

When we interact with our networks on a full year, personal basis, we really get in sync with them: their needs, their likes, their dislikes, their issues and challenges. Knowing all this means we’ll be able to identify and  react to opportunities when they arise.

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So the tangible benefit to us is the reward of expanded opportunities and increased sales. The intangible benefit is earning personal relationships that are both trusting and long-lasting…and isn’t that our primary objective as sales professionals?

Until the next time, all the best for an enjoyable and happy holiday season,

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