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The Willis Organization

We are performance improvement experts. The Willis Organization is your one stop source for improving personal or company performance. Our team’s 50+ years of real world knowledge and experience guarantee proven results and a solid investment return.

We offer a full range of performance improvement services; goal setting and strategic planning; sales team development; coaching and motivation; time management; employee selection and evaluation.

We work with individuals, entrepreneurial businesses and corporations, including Motorola, Philips, Konica Minolta, Sharp, Shell Oil, Herman Miller and PricewaterhouseCooper.

Our Process in Action

While working with a number of clients, we identified a common need for sales skills development. Further analysis showed lack of interpersonal selling ability was negatively impacting sales results. We determined that an online solution would be the best approach to close this performance gap.

The result: the creation of a fun interactive sales tool that improves interpersonal selling skills and produces measurable results. See how it works at Go for the Green Selling Challenge.