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Whatever Happened to Selling People?

For me, selling is all about selling people.

Harvey Mackay has been a huge influence on my approach to selling because he’s a master of 2 concepts:

We sales people know that, no matter what process and software we’re using, we are the key to getting the sales task accomplished.

The best part?

We’re selling our products and services to people…and it’s people who make  the buying decisions.

So …

Here are my 3 favorite tips to do just that. They’re quick reminders on sharpening our personal selling game.

TIP #1: People buy from people, especially people who make themselves “easy to buy from”.

Couple talking to salesman



TIP #2: People want to do business with people who understand them and what they want.

Saleswoman listening to customer

This next tip says it all…

TIP #3: People want to do business with people they like, respect and trust.



Next time, I’ll talk about the big payoff from putting these 3 people tips into action.

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For more, check out a summary of Harvey Mackay’s The MacKay MBA of Selling in the Real World.