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I Got Data. I Got Social. How Come I Got No Sales?

Salesman puzzled by no sales

So, I got data and I got social…how come I got no sales? How can I get better sales results?

Those are questions I get asked almost every day when I’m talking with sales people. They’re frustrated because they have so many tools available but aren’t seeing results from them.

It’s no secret there’s a huge emphasis today on using data in the selling process.  Google “data in sales process” and you’ll get over 162,000,000 entries!

While working on a client assignment recently, I discovered 101 software products alone that manage data and sales activity. Yikes … and I’m sure that’s only some of what’s available. In addition to data and sales activity management tools, there’s the whole world of social: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest. …

Now I’m not putting any of these down: they are useful, practical tools and all have their place.

If we’re not careful, however, we can easily get disrupted, distracted and buried in data – lost in all the noise and buzz.
With too much attention on data and process, we risk becoming data brokers, administrators and connectivity experts instead of salespeople.

We end up neglecting our real objectiveproducing sales results and selling more.

To produce results and sell more, we need to remind ourselves that:

So how do we sell and manage data at the same time?

Down the road, I’m going to talk more about how we keep a strong personal sales focus and sell more … while not getting overwhelmed with data and process.

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